GeoZone is a map-based interactive zoning analysis and reporting tool that is perfectly suited to simplify the research and understanding of zoning ordinances of any complexity. It is inherently 3D in nature and it provides easy access to information about what, where and how much to build for your next development with a click or two.

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GeoComment is a map-based digital communication platform with inherently 3D GIS tools that facilitate meaningful interaction among taxpayers, stakeholders and local governance for unanimous decision-making. It allows for on-the-go participation to include hard to reach, minorities and physically disabled demographics and allow participation at a time and place of their choice.

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GeoLocator is a map-based tool that allows cities to showcase their unique selling points to seek business investment and draws the business’ attention to the city’s unique strengths. The tool uses real-time Demographic and Business Analytics powered by Esri to offer business intelligence for identifying infrastructure assets and factors contributing to the current trends in development.

GeoLocator is an essential tool in a fiercely competitive market to retain business customers and tax dollars within its city limit and prevents the city from losing out to a neighboring city.

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Sustainable approach to complex problems

ViewPro can extend your GIS capabilities with its out of the box proprietary GIS products and its Esri’s GIS domain expertise to fulfill common goals.
Customizing GIS tools and platforms
ViewPro provides custom branding of its products that can reflect its city’s unique personality and character.
Adopting a user-centered approach
ViewPro follows a user-driven design process that require little or no technical expertise in GIS.
Breaking down data silos
ViewPro facilitates multi-departmental workflow for comprehensive decision-making and problem solving.

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