Field Data Collection Apps

ViewPro offers services for Esri’s exclusive applications for Field Data Collection. Being part of Esri’s Geospatial Cloud, the successful field operation apps optimize your location to boost efficiency and provide location intelligence amidst field activities. They help reduce the Planners’ dependency on paper, lower the chances of errors by eliminating inconsistencies and help save money as both office staff and field workers deploy exactly identical authoritative data.

Collector for ArcGIS

A mobile data collection app that helps workers capture data accurately while on the field. Online and offline mode allows for more mobility, eliminates the need for paper forms and enhance work efficiency.

Survey 123 for ArcGIS

Survey123 for ArcGIS is a comprehensive solution for the creation, analysis and sharing of smart surveys. ViewPro ensures Planners can smoothly deploy this form-centric solution to capture data using mobile devices, conveniently assess the results and upload data safely for further assessment and better decision making.

Workforce for ArcGIS

A mobile app that utilizes the location services to coordinate your field workforce for enhanced planning. Workforce for ArcGIS integrates work management and gives the back office and field workers the access to real-time data that helps prevent inefficiency and costly errors.

ArcGIS Dashboards

ArcGIS Dashboards allow planners to view location-based data and analytics through a consolidated single screen information at a glance. Dashboards are highly customizable that allow Planners to take smarter decisions, monitor task status and provides updates to their citizens in real time.

Tracker for ArcGIS

A mobile solution Tracker for ArcGIS helps capture location tracks of field staff and help monitor the activities to ensure the safety of the field staff and help identify patterns that give decision-makers critical information to fuel field activities.

ArcGIS Enterprise Migration

ViewPro offers ArcGIS Enterprise Migration support to assist city’s IT infrastructure so the city staff can effectively optimize the suite of tools in this GIS software for creating maps, data analysis, problem solving, sharing of geospatial data with project stakeholders and collaboration. An extensive digital solution for all geospatial needs, ArcGIS Enterprise GIS mapping software supports mapping, data management, visualization, analysis and discovery–both on the cloud and behind the firewal.

A data store for secure storage and fast access to maps and data increasing efficiency and output.
Perfectly suitable for organizations who run their GIS infrastructure behind their firewall.
Offers ready-to-use Maps composed of authoritative maps and data on thousands of topics.
Allows to identify and quantify the implications, consequences, and impacts of your decisions.

Words from our client

Professionalismand customer service we received has made this a positive experience.

I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of ViewPro and Suhag Kansara for assisting the Katy Fire Department with our Esri / ArcGIS project for the fire department. Suhag’s experience in producing a streamlined, user-friendly product was very beneficial to our department. His professionalism and attention to detail made this a very rewarding project. This project will not only aid the fire department for emergency responses but it has been integrated across the city. The Fire Hydrant tracking and maintenance will be a streamlined process now going forward thanks to ViewPro. The software will make reporting any tracking issues much easier and time-efficient. The software also is very user friendly and will not require extensive training to use it. Overall the professionalism and customer service we received has made this a positive experience and we will use ViewPro again is possible.

Kenneth Parker
Assistant Fire Chief
City of Katy, TX

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