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Adjusts to client's changing needs with professional GISexpertise.

ViewPro adjusts to his client's changing needs with professional GIS expertise. When our team that contracted with Suhag to produce an online GIS changed dramatically, Suhag responded to our new priorities and data needs. The end result exceeded my expectations.

Deanna Schmidt
Director of Planning
Professionalismand customer service we received has made this a positive experience.

I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of ViewPro and Suhag Kansara for assisting the Katy Fire Department with our Esri / ArcGIS project for the fire department. Suhag’s experience in producing a streamlined, user-friendly product was very beneficial to our department. His professionalism and attention to detail made this a very rewarding project. This project will not only aid the fire department for emergency responses but it has been integrated across the city. The Fire Hydrant tracking and maintenance will be a streamlined process now going forward thanks to ViewPro. The software will make reporting any tracking issues much easier and time-efficient. The software also is very user friendly and will not require extensive training to use it. Overall the professionalism and customer service we received has made this a positive experience and we will use ViewPro again is possible.

Kenneth Parker
Assistant Fire Chief
Resolved many issues that were long overdue in our City

ViewPro staff is extremely professional. They thoroughly demonstrated their expertise in a timely manner. I would definitely utilize its service again. ViewPro resolved many issues that were long overdue in our City.

Michael S. Wolfe, Sr.
ViewPro has an intensive knowledge of local government practices as it relates to Zoning.

ViewPro, in the past few years, has worked with City of Dayton to establish an ESRI based zoning map and unified development code. The zoning map is not only for internal use for the public as well. It is interconnected with our Unified Development Code which streamlines code research so that users don’t have to witch between applications. ViewPro has an intensive knowledge of local government practices as it relates to Zoning.

ViewPro has demonstrated professionalism every step of the way. It was my pleasure to work with ViewPro give our staff and customers a tool that is used daily. Their experience and customer service have made this transition exceptionally easy and successful.

Kimberly Judge
Assistant City Manager
Appreciate your overall GIS and local government experience and knowledge.

The City of Cuyahoga Falls has enjoyed working with ViewPro and is extremely satisfied with the ViewPro Maps that you created for the City.  We have appreciated your overall GIS and local government experience and knowledge.  This experience has helped our project advance quickly.  The ViewPro maps along with Encode has allowed government officials and residents to more easily access important information about their property or neighborhood.

In addition, ViewPro customer service has been excellent and we would hire you again.

Fred Guerra
Planning Director
Easy access to GIS information with minimal training.

The recent update to the City of Richmond Zoning map by ViewPro has been very beneficial both in terms of boosting our efficiency and our customers’ ability to get Zoning related information from our website. ViewPro map in conjunction with enCodePlus Unified Development Code Portal is a great tool for staff as well as citizens and customers.

The overall experience of working with ViewPro team has been extremely pleasant due to their professional attitude and knowledge about matters such as Zoning, GIS mapping tools, and software development. Suhag Kansara, who led the team, was always patient and provided excellent customer service. The biggest benefit of ViewPro tools for us is easy access to GIS information with minimal training, thereby, leading to better time efficiency and communication. It was a pleasure working with ViewPro team and we look forward to work with them again when needed.

Jose Abraham
Planning Director
Customer service that made collaborating a smooth, stress-free experience.

I would like recognize ViewPro for their outstanding performance in bringing to life the City of Pleasant Hill’s first GIS Web Mapping Service. I was pleased with my experience working with ViewPro who exhibited a high level of professionalism and knowledge of local governmental issues as well as an incredible display of customer service that made collaborating a smooth, stress-free experience. I am ecstatic to officially unveil the Web Mapping Service within the following weeks to local resident and prospective developers, the real end users of the product. I gladly recommend ViewPro to any municipality, regardless of size, zoning complexity, or customization needs, ViewPro will meet your web mapping service needs.

Chris Widmer
Associate Planner & Stormwater Coordinator
Great job of pairing city maps with city code.

ViewPro does a great job of pairing city maps with city code. ViewPro uses ArcGIS on-line API's, providing an ArcGIS experience for non-GIS users of our web site. Citizens and developers use the site to see which areas of the city are affected by which ordinances and regulations. Click a zone on a map to see links to our on-line documents; click a zone's name in a document to be shown the applicable areas in the city map. It's good and truly integrated.

Like any new software implementation, we had to plan how we were going to make ViewPro work for us. We didn't have to set up the application alone, however. enCodePlus assigned us an implementer to work with. He showed us sample projects and we were able to better envision what we wanted for ourselves and our population. Our Planning & Zoning division, in Development Services, made such decisions as they were going to use the software more than any other department.

If it's one thing that's constant, it's change. Soon after adopting enCodePlus-ViewPro, city council approved new zones that required new symbology; we migrated our zoning layer to the latest enterprise geodatabase and redesigned the fields along the way; and we published new ArcGIS Server services. Our implementer worked with us so that our ViewPro site looked better than before.

Roger Dunn
Senior GIS Programmer/Administrator
Allowed us to employ the best solution to provide real-world context to making decisions.

The City of Littleton, CO is in the midst of updating our regulatory framework (land use code and zoning) after an over 40 year hiatus. Bringing the vision of our newly adopted Comprehensive Plan into reality requires a very robust policy conversation and working with ViewPro has allowed us to employ the best solution to provide real-world context to making decisions for our suburban city. The professionalism and responsiveness of Suhag and his team to create context through a 3D model of our downtown using ArcGIS Urban positions us to discuss trade-offs and imagine the next 20 years of our evolving small town! It has been a great experience creating the model with ViewPro and now we look forward to highlighting the model for both our decision makers and community.

Kathleen Osher
Manager of Innovation & Performance Excellence
Listened to our needs and to create a map product is easy to use and visually attractive.

As the project lead for the City of Manhattan’s Unified Development Ordinance project, I have had the pleasure of working with the team at ViewPro to develop the City’s online zoning map. Although the project is not yet complete and the online map is not viewable to the public, I have appreciated ViewPro’s professionalism, their ability to listen to our needs and to create a map product is easy to use and visually attractive.

Based on the experience we have had with ViewPro to create our new zoning map, it is my pleasure to recommend their as a specialist of Esri’s Local Government and Urban Development products.

Chad Bunger
Community Development Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GIS important in Economic Development?

Economic developers need effective decision-making tools that help them conduct analysis, display and disseminate results and make informed decisions about where to locate new businesses or grow existing ones. GIS technology is proven to be powerful and effective in delivering these functionalities to help economic developers sustain economic recovery and growth.

How does GeoLocator help Cities and Local Governments to attract businesses?

Planners at ViewPro recognize the pressure that modern cities face who are looking to attract and retain businesses with a well-thought-out and innovative strategy by showcasing a city's unique strengths and its smart development strategies.

GeoLocator is a map based tool that helps draw business’ attention to the city’s unique strengths. The tool uses real-time Demographic and Business Analytics powered by Esri to offer business intelligence for identifying infrastructure assets and factors contributing to the current trends in development.

GeoLocator is an essential tool in a fiercely competitive market to retain business customers and tax dollars within its city limit and prevents the city from losing out to a neighboring city.

Where does the Commercial Real Estate data come from?

Available commercial properties for Sale and Lease is the foundational data required for any City or a Municipality to drive the economic development engine. ViewPro maintains ongoing working relationship with 3rd party vendors who creates and routinely updates the commercial real estate data at a national scale. ViewPro leverages their data and ensures its seamless implementation with GeoLocator.

Can the admin add their own Commercial Properties into the database?

Yes. GeoLocator has developed a proprietary tool that will allow the Administrator an ability to create their own commercial properties for Sale and Lease. The tool has the ability to share hierarchical user profile to real estate brokers and professionals who can add the listings while providing full editing access to the Administrator. This proprietary tool provides the city clients an option that requires no 3rd party subscription for commercial real estate data and regain full control of the local real estate listing data.

What is the ownership cost for GeoLocator?

ViewPro’s GIS products including V-Site are designed in a Software-As-a-Service (SAAS) configuration. This allows ViewPro to spread the cost of development across all of their city and local government partners. This results in significant savings and more standardized approach in how various GIS products are designed and offered.

With the support of a few dozen city clients, economic development corporations and agile SAAS platform, ViewPro is continuing to innovate and develop new product features without having to add additional cost burden to our current and future city clients.

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